What’s your problem?

Possibilities for your Being.

What’s your problem?

Let’s face it: for some weird reasons, we love problems. And as a German, I think I have a special soft spot for problems. You could call it an obsession. (So much so, that I chose to study law, do a PhD, and work as a lawyer in Germany, the science of problems in the home of the rules).

No, seriously, most of us looooove problems. Our own and those of others. Those of others we like to solve for them. Ours we love to keep. They’re a really good excuse to not do things. „Yes I would love to do this and that but I can’t because… (choose your favourite problem).“

So, take a few moments and revisit your favourite problems. What are they? What’s your benefit of keeping them?

Now let’s look at it a bit differently. What would happen if you had clarity around your own problems and those of others? What would happen if you addressed your own problems and left those of others for them to address (which could involve you, but that’s different from making them your own)?

And what would happen if you learned to distinguish those problems that you invent to stay in the comfortable broth of your misery, from those issues that truly matter to you at the core?

What would happen if you got out of your comfort zone and addressed those relevant issues?

Now take some moments to feel… what do you feel sad, mad, glad or scared about?

Contrary to common belief, feeling sad, mad, glad or scared is a really healthy thing and not childish at all. These feelings are neutral energies and information.

If you feel sad, you can use this as information that something matters to your heart. It shows you your love of something (or someone). 

If you feel mad, you can use this as information that something isn’t ok for you. It’s an indicator for your boundaries, and you can use it to set such boundaries.

If you feel glad, it’s an indicator for what inspires you. You can use it also to inspire others with your vision.

If you feel scared, it’s an indicator for potential dangers or for unknown territory – which is the realm of magic and something new to happen. So you can use your fear to become creative and invent something new.

This essentially means we can use the energy and information of our feelings as rocket fuel for change.

So… what do you feel sad, mad, glad or scared about? And what are you going to do with it?

Let’s go and rock this world with our humanity. It’s time for badass changes and I want you on board.

Photo by Brooke Lark on unsplash.com.

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