What’s in Your Petri Dish?

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Inner Culture

What’s in Your Petri Dish?

Anything that happens around you will land inside you depending on the environment that you cultivate in yourself. If you were a Petri dish, anything introduced into your system would grow in you depending on the environment you have (and nourish) in that dish. Your inner environment determines how you relate to the world.
What’s in your Petri dish determines how you interact with the world.

Let’s face it:
None of us who grew up in modern culture grew up outside of Patriarchy, i.e. a cultural system determined by the “rule of the father”, the rule of the mind, principles of scarcity and competition, idealisation of unconscious masculinity, and other strategies to suppress life.

That means:
By the time you grew up in modern culture, your Petri dish, just like mine, would have been filled with a Patriarchal culture environment, even if you don’t like that. It determines the way you think, perceive, relate, and it may do that in very subtle ways.

I started to introduce elements of a culture other than Patriarchy, a culture based on radical responsibility, in my Petri dish several years ago. I recently noticed that many of the distinctions from that other culture landed in my patriarchally determined Petri dish, distorting them. Let’s take the concept of “Radical Responsibility”, for example: When it lands in my Patriarchal inner culture, I might mentally understand the concept, yet in my everyday life, I might slip into making responsibility a burden, something that weighs me down, something I “have” to do or be to be a “good” person or otherwise satisfy an authority outside myself.
My guess is that you know what I am talking about. Some of you probably reacted with resistance to reading the word “radical”, especially when it’s put together with the word “responsibility”. Voila, that’s a hint for what your inner culture looks like.

It’s not a problem. 
I observe many people slipping back into a patriarchal understanding of radical responsibility. That’s not a problem. It shows how important it is to keep nourishing a different culture in ourselves, so that the new culture can flourish. 

Nourishing the other culture within.
My current field of exploration is to nourish this other culture in me even more consciously, especially in relation to the Patriarchal remnants of my Petri dish culture. What helps me tremendously is compassion, acceptance, spaciousness, and integrity … and all of those from a place of not knowing how exactly it goes. 

What’s more: I cannot, and do not want to, do this alone. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for changing inner culture. You can read about my recent experience of that here.

In case you still think you have to do it alone: Voila, that’s a hint for what your inner culture looks like. It’s not a problem.

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