The Power of Gentle #3

Possibilities for your Being.

A gentle journey to yourself.

The Power of Gentle #3

Podcast for a gentle journey to yourself.

It has been a while. Time flies when we’re keeping ourselves busy, especially with the vibrant summer energies that come with the heat here in New Zealand at this time of the year.

I recently spent two nights in Whirinaki forest, north west of Lake Taupo, where you can find one of the last virgin forests of the country. There is no cell phone reception, but a natural stream and lots of beautiful trees.

I went for a walk to follow the “lookout” track, and was stopped by a large tree and its many branches covering the path, making it invisible. So I climbed up the hill right there and found a beautiful little spot to just sit and be, listening to the birds, bugs, and trees.

That is where I am taking you with this journey. Allow yourself some time and softness for this one, to connect to your physical body and your sadness.

Relaxing New Zealand forest

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