Possibilities for your Being.

In individual coaching sessions, I offer clarity and compassion while you explore yourSELF. Clarity creates possibility.

As a Sourceress Space Guardian I hold space to navigate to the source of your Being, using mostly the tools of Possibility Management.

This entails looking at and transforming the many layers of conditioned behaviours learned in the course of a lifetime. It includes healing past emotions and learning how to consciously use your feelings for an adult, fun and sustainable way of life.

To facilitate your journey, I offer body work such as Romiromi or Feminine Healing as physical door openers:

Romiromi is a traditional Maori healing treatment for healing blockages. It looks like a full body massage. You remain fully clothed.

Feminine Healing is for Human Beings who want to heal their feminine. It can entail somatic treatment, journeying, womb healing, and more. It is a treatment from the context of the Women School.