Plea for an inclusive world

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Plea for an inclusive world

Already during my time in that flash glass building of a large German stock corporation in Frankfurt I noticed how refreshing I found it to see colourful splashes of liveliness on the rare occasions that a colleague brought their children to work. At the time, the question arose in me why we separate the world of adults and children so artificially?

I am not interested in the reasons from your mind telling me why it cannot be different. I am interested in the reasons from your heart telling me how it can be done differently.

I dared a new experiment and went back to school for a morning. To preschool, to be precise. I wanted to learn from the masters of improvisation and authenticity. I felt so much joy when during the morning gathering this 4-year-old girl climbed onto my lap as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I felt lots of joy also on other occasions – searching for Kiwis in image books, drawing doors and puppets, seeking treasures outdoors, and much more.

I also felt sadness. I realised, how much most children just really want to spend time with their parents. This particular preschool is an awesome place and a wonderful group of 3 to 5 year olds runs around there mostly happily. Still, quite a few tears were shed when their parents dropped them off in the morning, and some were also caught by their sadness of missing their mom later during the morning.

I found it so interesting to observe from this perspective, as I have a pretty good idea of what kind of world the parents disappear to after they dropped their kids off. Most of these parents will go into a 9 to 5 job in order to make a living or to better their living standard. That’s all good and well. Yet, true happiness from the heart looks different.

Why? Why did we create our world like this – adults here, children there? Or rather: Why do we keep this artificial separation up as if there was no other possibility?

Especially today, we know of the creative force that children are still so close to. We see how young people all over the world change it with their ideals and innovative ideas. From young children, we can also learn to be in the moment, to think non-linear, to question things. Why don’t we integrate the “work world” of the adults with the “play world” of the children?

I am for such an inclusive world. And I am interested in how it goes. Do you want to explore it with me?

Then get in touch.

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