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There are endless possibilities out there that we might simply not be able to see for ourselves. I am here to support you in your journey home: to living life fully in this very moment and in tune with your heart's desires.

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Feelings-based coaching, mediation and body work for individuals, groups and companies.

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Dr. Julia Neumann

I love this planet and our universe. I love life and its diversity, and I feel the pain of suppressed life force. I am here to support your journey home to yourself, the source of who you are.


I highly recommend

Gay Huiarei Ford (Auckland, NZ)

"If you are in Taupo, book a Romiromi session with Julia. She is a lovely, gifted woman and I highly recommend this ancient holistic bodywork."

Deep relaxation and release

Mark Goodier (Taupo, NZ)

"After my Romiromi session with Julia my lower back felt so much better after having pain in this area for some time. I felt a sense of deep relaxation and release which stayed with me for days afterwards. Thank you Julia for continuing this traditional method of healing I wish you all the best for the future. I would highly recommend your Romiromi to anyone."

An awesome experience

Mandy (Taupo, NZ)

"My Feminine healing treatment with Julia was exciting and interesting..
It entailed somatic treatment, journeying, womb healing, and more.
It was an awesome experience and I am empowered to continue my own feminine/womb connecting meditations at home!
I highly recommend her for any personal coaching, business mentoring, healing, training... all her amazing talents."

An enlightening experience

Grace Barnett (Napier, NZ)

Upon meeting Julia, she immediately made me feel at ease, very comfortable and safe. My session was an enlightening experience. As she mindfully guided me through my body, I felt at peace and found myself reconnecting. I had been through a worrying period, waiting for test results etc, all coming back clear, but it had left me, although very grateful with the results, I did feel exhausted, disconnected and a little depressed. After this session I felt an inner feeling of happiness, serenity, grounding and absolute Gratefulness to Julia. Thank you Julia 💐. I have since used my experience to help me through when things arise.

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