Do you feel stuck or dull sometimes?

Is your life racing past and you don’t live it in tune with your heart’s or soul’s desires?

Do you feel depressed, frustrated, isolated or overwhelmed?

Do you remember that you once knew that something else was possible?

Something completely different is possible right now.


I offer possibilities for your coming well in the form of coaching, conflict transformation, and body work.

Coming well means coming (back) to the source, the well, of your Being. This entails looking at and transforming the many layers of conditioned behaviours learned in the course of a lifetime. It includes healing past emotions and learning how to consciously use your feelings for an adult, fun and sustainable way of life.

There are many ways of coming well and to your source. I hold space so that you can go as far as your Being wants to, right now, using mostly the tools of Possibility Management.

Coming well goes in layers, and at your own speed. I put my learned skills and intuition at your service to guard the space for you to find your own source.


In individual coaching sessions, I offer clarity and compassion while you explore yourSELF. Clarity creates possibility.

Conflict Transformation

As a former lawyer, I know the pains of our current legal system, and I am also aware that every situation of conflict holds a potential for healing. To this end, I hold space for individuals or groups who are willing to transform conflict into healing. It takes your willingness to make wild experiments to get there.

Body Work

Coming well may include the necessity of body work. I offer physical door openers such as Romiromi or Feminine Healing sessions:

Romiromi is a traditional Maori healing treatment for healing blockages. It can be a wonderful start or support of your healing journey. It looks like a full body massage, when it is much more than that. You remain fully clothed.

Feminine Healing sessions are for Human Beings who want to heal their feminine. It can entail somatic treatment, journeying, womb healing, and more. It is a treatment from the context of the Women School.


Get in contact if any tiny little part of you is willing to believe that something different is possible. It is time.