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Possibilities for your Being.



I struggled to come to terms with “integrity”, meaning “say what you do and do what you say.” Then I had a dream just recently. The details don’t matter but I woke up with clarity around what the word means and holds for me: Integrity has to start from within. It means living inside out …

Inner Culture

What’s in Your Petri Dish?

Anything that happens around you will land inside you depending on the environment that you cultivate in yourself. If you were a Petri dish, anything introduced into your system would grow in you depending on the environment you have (and nourish) in that dish. Your inner environment determines how you relate to the world. What’s …

Lake Taupo


Do you ever feel like you’re running around for the largest parts of your life? Always driven to do more, be more, achieve more? Do you get triggered by what others say, trying to figure out what it is that they want, and how you could best give them exactly that, so that you’re safe? …

Possibility Mediation: Using Conflict as Gold to Transform into Possibilities

“If nothing changes, I will leave you”, she said. They had been a couple for 20 years, and married for more than a decade. Now they were at a crossroad in their relationship. That is why they ended up in this Possibility Laboratory. Standing facing each other, putting their “poop on the table”. Both of …

Going by anger

An alive interview by Martina Niklis. This interview was recorded in early November, and I want to make it available for you here. “Anger in our culture is a problem. This interview shows a new possibility how to go with anger. How to see its qualities. Clarity, integrity. The ability to say Yes or No. …

Treasure gem

Transforming conflict to spaces for healing

I have refined the being spaces that I am offering going forward: My new title is Sourceress Space Guardian, SSG. As such, I offer spaces for healing out of situations of conflict, making use of the treasures I collected during the over 20 years of my professional career. My journey in the legal profession My …

Taupo bush

The Power of Gentle #5: Feeling

Podcast for a gentle journey to yourself. I sat in the rain out in nature while recording this guided journey for you. It was a magical, mystical atmosphere. Rain has a wonderful cleansing quality to it, and is the perfect environment for us to feel ourselves. So this guided journey is an invitation for you …


The Power of Gentle #4: Grounding

Join me at the waterfall today for this gentle guided journey, to support your grounding in these chaotic times.

Flower - feminine

The “f”-word

I love challenging myself and learning new skills. One of my latest projects is gaining confidence in public speaking by joining “Toastmasters“. It’s an amazing forum for rapid learning by receiving feedback in a very friendly atmosphere. I noticed I struggle choosing a subject, and for my first speech I chose to stick with the …


Simple answers to complex life questions

It can’t be that simple, I thought. Here I was, looking for complex answers to complex questions, and what I received was: simple. The first night on the hill was very gentle with me. More than gentle. It was amazing. There was no Moon in sight, no cloud either, and the stars shone all over …