Possibilities for your Being.

Female Altar NZ

International Women’s Day Guided Meditation

For International Women’s Day 2020, I am gifting you this guided meditation, recorded near a female altar in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th has been celebrated across the globe since 1910/11. It is a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally. …

A gentle journey to yourself.

The Power of Gentle #3

Podcast for a gentle journey to yourself. It has been a while. Time flies when we’re keeping ourselves busy, especially with the vibrant summer energies that come with the heat here in New Zealand at this time of the year. I recently spent two nights in Whirinaki forest, north west of Lake Taupo, where you …

Female Altar NZ

The Power of Gentle #2

Another invitation, guiding you to listen to your body with a focus on your heart space. I am honoured to be sharing this recording from a female altar in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. Will you take some time today to be, and to connect with your heart?

The Power of Gentle – Guided Journey #1

“The Power of Gentle” is a podcast series to encourage your connection to the more feminine quality of gentle. It is about being with, rather than doing. Observing, witnessing, rather than pushing, going against, forcing things to change. In this first episode of “The Power of Gentle”, I offer a short taster of a guided …

What’s your problem?

Let’s face it: for some weird reasons, we love problems. And as a German, I think I have a special soft spot for problems. You could call it an obsession. (So much so, that I chose to study law, do a PhD, and work as a lawyer in Germany, the science of problems in the …

Plea for an inclusive world

In this article I ask the question of how we can create an inclusive world without the artificial separation of adults and children, for a sustainable new life culture.

How I got adopted to a Marae

Do you know these moments, where you find yourself in a situation and you wonder how you got there? It seems so right, so in line with what you want in your life, and yet no way could you have planned it exactly like this. That is what I thought when I sat in Owheao …


Stop rescuing. Start exploring.

I made another interesting observation lately: I am really drawn to rescuing people. I feel good when I can help others, and not just help, rescue them, really. “Rescuing” means you act for others, you try to read their mind, figuring out what they need almost before they know it themselves. I see it everywhere …

Victim stories

Every decent story needs a victim. The movie „Pretty Woman“ would hardly be any good without the female protagonist needing a knight in shining armour to rescue her, right? In fact, what good would any Hollywood movie be without a juicy victim role? Where there is a victim, there is an aggressor and a rescuer. …

Patriarchy ends with YOU

In my last article I asked the question of what you do about our House on Fire. The question was just as much directed at myself. Here is another step towards the answer. Where do you find answers to such fundamental questions but within yourself? So I contemplated, I felt, I went inwards, I observed, …