Possibilities for your Being.

I empower the Feminine in a Masculine world.

Essentially, this means I am an advocate for diversity. I love feminine and masculine qualities. I love the diversity amongst human beings and I love other beings and their diversity – different animals, different plants, rocks and stones, our planet, and the universe.

Our world needs diversity in order to be able to flourish. And you are a part of it, with the unique qualities and gifts that only you have to offer at this place and time. The world is waiting for you to offer these gifts.

I am here to support you in your journey “home” to yourself.

It might well be that you feel as if you lost yourself in the course of building up a career, working hard to tick off some boxes and living a successful “CV”, and/or in taking on the role as a parent “raising” (holding space for) your children.

As our world is still very much focused on doing, rather than being, it is very easy to disconnect from ourselves in our busy life. I have been there myself. I invested a lot of time and energy to pursue a career in law. I enjoyed parts of it, and large parts of it were rather painful. After a decade of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, several years as Associate at a US law firm, and further several years at the legal department of a German stock corporation, I felt lost. So much time spent, so little joy at using all this knowledge and experience gained. I had made such a big effort to survive and strive in a masculine environment, successfully, and yet I felt empty and sad.

Several years ago I discovered a body of work (Possibility Management) that helped me tremendously to break through my perceptions of how things had to be. It challenged my world view profoundly and eventually encouraged me to follow my heart and move to the “other” side of the world in 2017 – New Zealand.

Here, I followed my passion for ancient cultures and universal wisdom and learned the traditional Maori Healing “Romiromi” from April 2017. In 2018/2019, I took part in the Feminine Healer Year 1 Online Training at the “Women’s School”. These bodies of work are a wonderful addition to my toolbox, and I am particularly taken by the more feminine approach, as I am discovering the inherent power that lies in it.

This felt like coming home to myself for me: The realization that we still live in a world that is very strongly masculine dominated. It is not a bad thing, but it is extremely valuable information, as it means that there is room (and necessity) for the more feminine qualities. Discovering those in myself, and bringing them back into the world, is a beautiful discovery journey.

I am here to connect the ancient with the new. I am here to not know and to know. To love, to be touched, and to follow the wisdom of the flow. I am here to imagine the impossible and dream it to life. I am here to heal my female lineage. I am here to be.

I am Integrity. Compassion. Spaciousness. Elegance. Inspiration. 

And I am here to support you in your journey home, in line with your heart and soul and as a unique expression of yourself. Whatever that may look like for you. I am here to help you remember your future.