I am… no.

have a history: As a lawyer that was always second-guessing her choice for a legal education – so as to work hard to be awarded the doctorate “summa cum laude”, distinguished with highest praise, to work full-time in a big law firm and later in the legal department of a top-30 German stock corporation. As an artist that would not dare trying to live from her artistic works (and who would not do much to transform her talent into an art). As someone interested in miscellaneous things, and who enjoys getting to the bottom of things. As a life explorer. As an adventurer who likes to change directions and to broaden her horizon. As an enthusiast for nature, as a sea-searcher, as a world traveller, as a scuba diver, as a cats’ friend, as a language enthusiast, as a thinker, as a lover, as a sister, as a friend, as a daughter, as a woman, as a girl, and even somehow as a boy for a little.

In the course of my search, I came across a “tool box” in 2015, which helps me to see  clearer. “Possibility Management” is about stepping out of our doctrines and assumptions on how the world has to be, and to re-discover our world of feelings so as to have access to the unlimited possibilities available to us at all times. Ever since, I have gone on to drastically change my life, and I am much clearer about what I need, what I want, in order to live my life fully: I am clarity, elegance, joy of life, transformation , love.

I wish to inspire you to live your life in line with your heart and soul, and to make use of the vast variety of possibilities that are always available out there.