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Your heart

Can you feel your heart?

I don’t mean emotionally. I don‘t mean whether you can feel love. No, my question refers to your physical heart. Can you feel it?

I imagine you may have felt it – or rather its movements – by putting your palm on your chest, right above where your heart beats. Have you ever felt it beat „from within“? Probably after exercising, you may have felt it pounding in your chest. Can you feel your heart beat from within when you are still, tuning into your body, feeling the beat of your heart and it’s steady rhythm?

I had a bit of a special moment several months ago that I found quite enlightening. I lay in bed, still, feeling fearful. I had put ear plugs in my ear. I heard the pulse within my body. All of a sudden, I was in line with myself. I felt such a great gratitude for my heart beating away in its steady rhythm, keeping me alive, at its own pace – at my own pace! I felt at peace, confident.

I took the sound as a navigator to actually feel my heartbeat and it worked. I could feel it beat  in my chest, a slight pulsating feeling. It felt beautiful, knowing that all I need to be in my own rhythm is there, beating away at my own steady pace inside my body.

Once in a while, I still fall back into an old habit of looking for outward approval instead of following my own inner navigator. It happens so easily that I get  caught up in my everyday life, dwell in my minor „problems“, and forget to connect with my heart, my self.

Tuning in to physically feel my heart beat provides me with a new tool of coming back to myself, of finding my own center, or inner peace.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do: Physically feel your heart from within. ❤


photo credit: Darius Bashar on unsplash.com

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