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Women spaces

Ever more often I look around to find myself surprised that I am once more in a room, or space, in which the majority are women. I have come to enjoy the atmosphere very much, also and in particular if these women spaces have come about more or less randomly.

Take pottery for instance: The club is open to everyone and yet the sessions are attended mostly by women. I have realised several times that I feel touched by the peaceful, collaborative, appreciative atmosphere in such women spaces. That does not mean that I do not appreciate men. To the contrary, I also very much enjoy male company, yet the atmosphere is different in such case.

It was similar at a presentation concerned with nutrition and its influence on our physical and emotional well-being: The room, hosting roughly 300 people, filled up nearly exclusively with women. The free presentation on personal development and coaching possibilities was not attended by quite as many people – besides the male coach we were in four: four women.

You could say that these are all rather female areas of interest. Indeed, that is one way of looking at it. Another is that we all have both female and male qualities within us and thus can also have both “female” and “male” interests. Why should nutrition be less important to men than to women? Why should men not enjoy it just as much as women to create something of clay with their hands? Why should men not be equally interested in coming into their full power, in developing their personality?

At the latest coming to the last of these questions, I feel sadness rising within me. I’ve seen several men around me who I believe to be unhappy; who seem to define their manhood by drinking lots of alcohol and having a passion for weapons; who dream of being a warrior and live it by watching war movies or playing video war games. I feel sadness because I wish they would get up from the bar or their sofa to use their warrior courage to get into their own power of changing the world.

Another impulse I have is that I’ve had enough. Enough of patriarchy, enough of the principle of competition which is so highly valued in it, enough of the fighting against each other inherent in it, enough of the distrust, all the way to terror. I wish for more femininity flowing through our society, more community, more appreciation, more love in dealing with each other. Femininity that is in women, and also femininity that is in men.

So I should start with myself, I thought – which is probably always a good idea – and create a women’s space, in which I can experiment, in contact with other women: with research on feelings, nature experiences, creative power, and more. No matter what, I want it to be inspired by joy. We had a first start by watching the movie “Wonder Woman” together – such a great movie, I highly recommend watching it. The way this woman is centred, fully within her power, clear and loving at the same time, inspires me. I hope I will find some more courageous and adventurous women for my “women’s empowering group”!

How do you feel in women spaces? Do you feel you have enough access to them?

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