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I feel excited today: Over the past two weeks I had been pondering over a logo and business card for myself and my pottery, with the help of my friend Mela Herbert who does awesome graphic designs. Today they have gone into print!

I am very happy with the logo that stands for my initials J & N: Imagine the “j” in handwriting as the first part of the logo (with the dot on top of it), and a small letter “n” in handwriting as the second part of it. Together, they form the shape of a heart.

I am creating business cards for my pottery so that I can start promoting it. What excites me about it is that offering ceramic products for sale is unfolding more for me, becoming more real as I start to take it more seriously myself. I created a page for it on this website, too, and welcome your feedback. It is work in progress, continuing to unfold.

Other beautiful things are beginning to unfold as well as I step more and more into what nourishes me:

I have started a Sister Circle here in Taupo, which is a gathering of women (and people that identify as females) on the occasion of the New Moon, taking place all over the world. I find it a very nourishing, clear and warm space to meet with sisters, sharing and hearing what they have to share, meditating together and empowering each other. I am incredibly thankful to myself for stepping into this “challenge”, because there have been quite a few inner voices doubting my ability to create/hold such spaces, and yet again to Mela who beautifully supports and co-creates these gatherings. If you are interested and in the region, you are welcome to come by for the next gathering!

And then the Possibility Management trainings that I am (co-)organising in Taupo and Takaka for December are coming closer at an incredible speed. People have signed up and are continuing to sign up for these, so they will actually be happening! I will be co-space holding in these trainings, which will be an incredible learning field for me in order to step into being a trainer myself. There are so many beautiful tools on offer, which I wish to make use for myself more, and which I wish to make accessible to others in a clear, fun and balanced way.

As my unfolding continues, I feel very grateful for the support I am receiving from my partner, my friends and my family, and from you just by reading this blog post.

Aroha nui, as they say in Maori – Much love.

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