Possibilities for your Being.

Transformation is a bright principle. It is one of “my” bright principles, meaning I consciously choose to BE transformation.

It is a process rather than a fixed state, and it is inevitable in this alive universe that keeps evolving. Transformation forms part of evolution.

Besides coachings, mediation, workshops, conversation-talks and trainings for transformation, I also undertake a very tangible transformation endeavour: Pottery as Love & Joy Ceramics.

Creating from clay is something ancient, and connects me straight to Gaia, or Papatuanuku, and the source. It entails creating with all the elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. It has played and continues to play a big part in my own well-coming.

With the use of pottery, I serve my other bright principles at the same time: Clarity, Elegance, Joy of Life, and Love.

I offer Pottery Courses as another means for your connection to your source. Please check my Facebook Page for further information.