Possibilities for your Being.

I offer transformational trainings and workshops in the context of Possibility Management.

Possibility Management is rooted in radical responsibility and offers a context for modern initiation into adulthood for a sustainable life on this planet. It is powerful and will transform your life.

This body of work is for those hungry for life. You will need courage to go where your Box, your automated survival strategy, doesn’t want you to go.

The Training spaces available are as diverse as life. You can join an Expand the Box Training, opening the door for you to join highly transformative Possibility Laboratories. You can join a Rage Club, a Fear Club, or other spaces that help you reconnect with your feelings. Your feelings are the gateway to your inner wisdom, and when you reclaim them, you will be able to navigate to a more sustainable life – for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

There are many possibilities out there for you to start over. The interesting question is: Will you?

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“Julia was open, encouraging, clear, nurturing, authentic, and created a safe space.”

Jo Newton, New Zealand

“In the past, I perceived anger as dangerous, out of control, scary, and inevitable. After having done an online anger training with Julia, I experience anger as relieving, enjoyable, expressive, and allowing. Julia was open, encouraging, clear, nurturing, authentic, and created a safe space. It was a profound and valuable experience where I discovered how freeing expressing anger authentically and safely in a held space could be.”