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Take care

Today, I’m going to invite you to take good care of yourself. I am coming to be convinced that this is key to any relationship. You owe it to your partner, your children, your friends, and – first and foremost: to yourself.

I’ll be honest with you: My problems in life are “first world” problems. By that I mean they are minor on the greater scale of problems available in this world. I have a beautiful home, a wonderful family, deeply rooted friendships, I am healthy, intelligent, pretty, and loved. Still, I have times where I struggle with life in general, with issues that are bigger in terms of relevance for my personal life, and with very little issues. Ah, the beauty of being human!

I find it quite easy to get lost in those little things that “aren’t right”. Finding imperfections, judging others (in my thoughts and also outspoken), being right, feeling neglected by my partner etc. In essence, this describes the perfect “victim mindset”, and I get caught in this heavy-hearted, not very much fun space. I may notice and then create drama about being caught up in such a bad mood. But that’s not helpful, either. And so the spiral continues.

Now here is what I noticed: All I need to do is to take care of myself. Sometimes I might not consciously know what I need, but that’s not essential because I can find out. So, I might need some physical exercise, sleep, time to myself, time to create, breathing exercise, studying time, music, connection with nature, a hug, time with friends, or something alike. Really all I have to do is shift my focus from the outside to my inside and follow my impulse. I noticed the other day that even thinking “fuck this shit” might help me gain the necessary shift. “What do I need now?” is the question to ask myself. And then go and do exactly that.

If I don’t take care of myself well enough, my latent feeling of not having enough will lead to a constantly being triggered by what others (especially my partner) say or do. And that’s very energy-consuming, no fun at all, and really just a waste of time – for myself and those around me.

How do you take care of yourself, I wonder? And do you do it “enough”?

I wish you a beautiful day, and: Take good care of yourself.


photo credit: Guillaume Bolduc on unsplash.com

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