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I came across a revolutionary thought the other day: There’s no hierarchy in evolution.

In our personal evolution, we might have the impression that we are on a “higher” level of evolution when we come out of some personal “growth” processes/workshops, and we could find it hard to relate to people in our familiar surroundings because they did not take the same steps yet (and might never do so). Or we could meet someone we like or fall in love with, and it might not work out because we perceive the other person not to be at the same level of evolution regarding their readiness for intimacy. (Just to name a few examples.)

Such an impression or belief of our “higher” evolution compared to others really only creates distance and gets us out of contact with our surroundings.

A hierarchy contains classifications of higher and lower, of superior and subordinate, and likely implies concepts of “better” and “worse”, “right” and “wrong”. In that way, it is a control system, and control kills liveliness and intimacy.

Evolution is simply a process of change, of development. The result of evolution is a different state. There is no inherent element of better or worse, higher or lower in it, it is just different.

In biological evolution it is particularly about different results: if something works, it stays. If it doesn’t it is likely to get extinct. One might be inclined to think that this means the latter evolutionary stage is better than the prior, but that falls short of the fact that it is not about classification. It is just about results.

In our personal evolution, when we go through processes that help us personally, these will likely be results that we want in our life. Our friends and family might not want to go along that same path, which will most likely create different results for them. Again, it has nothing to do with better or worse, higher or lower levels or ranks.

What my (r)evolutionary thought could mean for everyday life is a higher level of intimacy. Do you dare to stay in contact with those people around you that choose a different evolutionary path, enjoying your own evolutionary steps and not looking down at others?


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