Patriarchy’s election victory

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Patriarchy’s election victory

Originally, I had meant to write a blog on the subject of fear. Maybe it would even fit in quite well with what many people might feel today, since they heard the news of the unexpected election result in the USA. At least I feel quite fearful of what might come now.

Something else occupies my mind even more though. Something that I have been noticing for a while and the culmination of which I observe today with the election of Donald Trump: The dominance – so to speak the election victory – of patriarchy.

The US-American people could choose between electing a woman (of the “dusty establishment”) and a man (white, standing out in the election with his racist and anti-women statements) and who won? Donald Trump. Which head of state is one of the first to congratulate him? Vladimir Putin, another, similarly typical representative of patriarchy. Two of the biggest nations of the world will in the future be ruled by two men representing patriarchy almost symbolically. What does this tell about our world?

I do not want to judge this, although I struggle with it, given I have also been brought up with patriarchal thinking patterns. Patriarchy is not bad or wrong – it simply causes certain results, such as dominance as a universal rule within organisations, private property, wars, appreciation of abstract, linear thinking and of performance as highest principles, exploitation, profit and eternal growth, competition and judgement.

I honestly hurt though with the lack of conscious femininity, given that there’s so little room for it. We thereby deprive ourselves from what would else be possible: e.g. equality, mutuality, joy of life, intuition, feelings, joint use, sharing, loving contact with each other.

When writing this, I do not refer to “men against women”. Femininity as a principle also is in men, and women represent patriarchy these days just as much as men do (which can also be seen in the Trump election: He got his votes inter alia from 52% of the white female voters). I simply believe that the world misses something when it lacks femininity.

So what can we do about this? We can start with ourselves. We can live such things as equality, intuition, community, mutuality, sharing, loving contact with each other, and we can promote it, go for it, and stand up for it.

We can also try a little experiment by training our perception: Observing ourselves from which perspective we look at things in everyday life. When we try to observe these from a different perspective, from which we can notice the hidden intentions of patriarchy working within us, we might be able to get completely new ideas on how things could be – beyond the limits of patriarchy.

I want to try that experiment and am looking forward to hearing about your observations and experiences!

When it comes to changing something, fear might come up. That is a topic I will address in my next post!

[This is the English translation of an article published on 9th November 2016.]

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