Own it.

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Own it.

What do you think when things go well? Do you – in a figurative sense – pat yourself on the shoulder? Or do you tell yourself that you must have been lucky and probably don’t even deserve it?
And what do you do when things don’t go so well? Do you pick up responsibility easily or go so far as to blaming yourself? Or do you try to find someone else responsible or even to blame?

Either way, today I invite you to own it. Own your life, whether it goes well or whether it goes bad.

I noticed with myself that, being a good German, I am quick at bashing myself or at “owning” my mistakes. So I am pretty quick at taking the blame in my inner dialogue when I don’t live up to my perfection or when things go wrong. And sometimes I might try to find someone else to blame.

I was surprised to note that I wouldn’t allow myself to take the praise for when things go well. In the past, I often thought that I must have been lucky or something to that effect when things actually did go well.
Now I realise I may also own the good bits in life. Hell, yes! Even if I may be lucky in some respects, I can still own it!

“Own it” is what now pops up in my head ever more often. It is a reminder to enjoy all the luck that I am experiencing, to be grateful for it and to thank myself for having made the choices I have, to be where I am now.

Somehow a part of me has that sensation that this might take me closer to my intuition. Allowing myself to have played my role in the “good” stuff just as much as in the “bad” might pave the way some more to staying centred:

By “owning it”, I am also reminded not to look for excuses when I want to do something or don’t really want to do something. In that way, “owning it” helps me to remember my center, my inner power.

Besides that voice reminding me to own also the good things in life, I start hearing a sentence telling me to stop compromising. Own it!

So, do you own your life, in good times and in bad times?

This post was on my mind for a while before I actually wrote it. I was inspired to go ahead by this video on owning your life and being the brave you: https://www.glamour.com/story/tracee-ellis-ross-glamour-women-of-the-year-speech-2017

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