One year NOW!

Possibilities for your Being.

One year NOW!

Exactly one year ago today I started this blog with my first blog post. My goal was to publish one post a week – which I did not quite manage, yet I am very happy and grateful for keeping at it.

This means that it was also roughly a year ago that I decided to terminate my permanent position in a large German stock corporation and to dare another step into the unknown: I decided to stay committed to my insight that life is NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not earlier, not later, but NOW.

What happened in my life since then can be partly read in my blog posts of the last 12 months. Of course, there was much more – between the lines and also outside the computer. I have not regretted it for a single NOW to have taken that adventure. Up to now it was mostly heart-warming, joyful, sometimes frightening and sad, always lively. A lot of what I have written in this blog is still challenging for me. The theory often seems so simple and at the same time I remain a human being, struggling with the little and bigger challenges of everyday life, which makes putting the theory into practice difficult at times. Learning not to be disgruntled at myself for such “failure” and to treat myself with love despite my imperfection is another area for me  to grow further.

Ever more often I am reminded of staying in the NOW, present in this moment, in diverse ways – probably because I am more conscious of it. It could be that I am repeatedly reminded from different persons of the book by Eckhard Tolle “Now!”, or that I search for an environment in which the power of the NOW is being recognised consciously.

While I honestly wish to inspire people to go their own path – also with this blog – I sometimes sense frustration or disappointment because I don’t seem to find an appropriate way to get there. And then suddenly I hear, directly and indirectly of people, friends, acquaintances, that have made life changing decisions and thought of me. I feel very happy when I hear that, because it reminds me that it is not so much about DOING something for these people, but only about BEING myself. Every moment afresh, always in the NOW.

I wish you lots of joy and inspiration reading this blog. It is beautiful having you here.

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