Monday Inspiration

Possibilities for your Being.

Monday Inspiration

Today I want to ask you a question. Please find an honest answer within yourself before reading on:

Would you like to help make this world a better place?

If your answer is “No” and you choose to stop reading here, I wish you a beautiful day.

If your answer is “Yes”, or if you’re just reading on out of curiosity, here’s an invitation to you:

Please take at least 5 minutes each day entirely to yourself and find ways of opening your heart in those 5 minutes. That’s all it takes. 5 minutes each day in which you feel your heart, in which you feel how you are connected with yourself, and through yourself, your heart, with everyone and everything around you.

This could be by consciously breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Sitting still and breathing into your heart. Or any other form of awareness to yourself and your heart that you feel makes your heart go soft (and your face relax).

5 minutes each day. For yourself, and for the world.

With much Aroha, have a wonderful start into your day.


photo by Evie Schaffer on unsplash.com

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