Land of the long white cloud

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Land of the long white cloud

Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, is what the Maori call New Zealand. It is true,  the clouds here are indeed long and white, or at least very special. I have made countless photos of them recently, and my friends thus proudly claim to have the best clouds in New Zealand.

Today, I would like to tell you a little story about what I have been up to since I handed over laptop, blackberry and office keys, quitting my “secure” job in Germany. Maybe it will encourage you to take a step into the unknown yourself, as it may feel right for you. And it must not mean for you to travel to the “other side” of the world.

For me, it was such step, to the “other side” of the world. Somehow, it all fell into place that way. In a few decisive moments over the past months, I felt my heart and followed it, rather than listening to my mind. Most of the times, I was supported by others, in that they were asking me the “right” questions and encouraged me.

Friends and relatives often ask me: So, have you emigrated for good now? I don’t really know what to answer to that. I only know that life cannot be planned out like that, and that nothing is forever. That is why I will take it step by step.

The first step: Arriving, physically in any case, and also otherwise. For me, that means to adjust to the different day-night-rhythm and to the new environment, to discover it, to encounter people, getting into the flow of what is and what wants to be. Therefore, I slept a lot, settled in at my new home, and went outdoors to explore the incredibly beautiful nature. I organised clay and started to learn how to work the wheel. Sometimes I feel like a little child, bombarding others with questions, and cannot get enough of learning all these new things. I am beginning to love my “chaos”, the fact that I am interested in so many subjects. My curiosity even brought me to have a first flying lesson in a small airplane – a dream I had since I was a little girl but never had dared to realise.

My second step: Earn money. I am incredibly lucky and am in the fortunate position to consult in the planning and implementation of a safety management system. This includes office work, but isn’t really legal work and requires a lot of contact with people as well as accompanying operations, that is: flying along in a helicopter or watching from the ground – in stunningly beautiful landscape – how the helicopter does its work.

Besides that, I do not want to give up on my other interests, which is a challenge. The mentality here makes it easier for me though to let myself be guided by joy. It does not mean that everything is perfect – it is as close as it gets to being perfect, and then again: what is perfect? In any case, I am looking forward to finding out what comes next.

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