Possibilities for your Being.



I struggled to come to terms with “integrity”, meaning “say what you do and do what you say.”

Then I had a dream just recently. The details don’t matter but I woke up with clarity around what the word means and holds for me:

Integrity has to start from within. It means living inside out instead of outside in. Checking in with myself first, then being in integrity with that which I found there. Saying what I do and doing what I say only comes after that process.

What it doesn’t mean for me is that I have to be consistent with previous versions of myself. Integrity really is about being in intimate relationship with life through all of my bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and archetypal).

I notice I would like to give more information for the mental body in this blog post, including an analysis of definitions from dictionaries, wikipedia, and other sources. I won’t do that for now. Instead, I invite you to enjoy your own journey around your integrity.

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