Possibilities for your Being.


Imagine the world was a village, filled with your friends and relatives;

Imagine there was enough in this world for all of us: enough love, enough food, enough talent and interest, so that you could fill your days with activities you truly enjoyed, which left you feeling fulfilled instead of tired, or a satisfied tired instead of an empty tired;

Imagine a world in which you felt safe enough to laugh and cry with strangers, and to dance, paint, sing and write even if you were crap at it, just because you enjoyed expressing yourself that way;

Imagine a world in which you did not feel the urge to hide your innermost wishes and desires so as to “fit in”, a world in which you felt it was one hundred percent OK that you are who you are, with all your talents and “faults”;

Imagine a world in which wanting to be “normal” meant wanting to be “weird”;

Imagine a world that did not know of a work-life-balance, only of a life balance, because “work” was a joyful part of life;

Imagine a world in which you had learned to keep an open heart, to be vulnerable and strong at the same time, because you knew what you needed and could set clear boundaries – with love and without having to be nice;

Imagine a world in which our children were not taught to conform, but to be who they are, to speak their truth;

Imagine a world in which our children were an integral part of our society, in fact at its centre, and in which we were open to learn from them;

Imagine a world in which you did not wake up in the mornings feeling lonely despite so many people around you, and in which you could feel your connection with all living beings around you;

Imagine a world that allowed for magic, for dream time, for intuitive wisdom, for heart space;

Imagine all this, and more.

It is possible. It is within you.


photo credit: Jeremy Bishop on unsplash

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