How we can change the world

Possibilities for your Being.

How we can change the world

I feel like I am chewing on a big one here. That question has been with me for a long time and the pieces are coming together. I was sharing a bit of what is going on for me with a friend the other day when she exclamated: so you are pregnant! I‘m not physically pregnant, yet I am pregnant with myself, my being that I connect with more and more. At the core of it is how we can change the world. Here comes:

1. Starting with ourselves

In an earlier post, I wrote about how I got aware that everything begins with ourselves. So all we have to do is “be the change that we want to see in the world”. Sounds simple – and what a challenge it is!

2. Jumping in – 100%

We can decide with our mind that we want a change. We can take the steps to get there. But if we hold back even only a little, that holding back will act like a car’s handbrake which has not been fully released. We will most likely find ourselves struggling, finding that things don’t really flow, feeling a strange kind of tired despite enough sleep. What it takes is our 100% commitment, our surrendering. It takes more than a mind-decision to get there.

3. Allowing our self

How do we want to change the world to make it more sustainable, to have a different level of connection between living beings, to be radically responsible in a fun way, if we do not allow our full self? By that I mean all parts of us. Not the ones we identify with but those that are in us since we were born. For instance, we all were born with feminine and masculine characteristics, yet we mostly grew up in a society that idealises the masculine. Alas, we may believe we need to think things through, have scientific evidence when taking a position, constantly do things, etc., instead of allowing ourselves to “feel it through” and just be. Men and women have denied themselves the right to live their feminine characteristics, and the former even more so. Only if we allow our full selves, with all our facets, we can change our own lives to make them more sustainable, to be more connected with each other, to be fully alive. And only with our full self we can jump 100% into what matters to us, surrendering to it.

Let us do and be this, together. Let us change the world.

Join me in a special training space that I am co-organising in Taupo, New Zealand, from 6-9 December 2018, where you can access those parts of yourself that you might have hidden for a long time to be safe in an environment that doesn’t encourage a great variety of “selves”. Get in touch if you’re curious to learn more.

photo credit Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

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