The right time is now. In this very moment.

“The right time for what?”, you might ask. That is something only you can answer. All I am learning is that we can find a great many reasons to postpone things that matter to us. When really, the right time is now.

Life is happening now. In this very moment. Life can only be lived in the present – the past is gone and the future is yet unknown.

So what do we do with this realisation? We create. Life. Now.

I am here to support you in your journey. My ultimate goal is that you stand in your power and create the life your heart desires.

Because I am of the firm belief that our world needs more human beings who are connected with their inner self and who dare to show themselves fully. This would make the world a much healthier, more peaceful, and more sustainable place.

Personal support – Coaching and Romiromi:

I support your personal unfolding through Coaching and Romiromi.

I prefer the word “unfolding” over “development” because everything is already there and just wants to unfold. I am at your service and for the coaching will mainly make use of the tools of Possibility Management.

Romiromi is a traditional healing technique from the Māori culture. It offers a powerful physical and spiritual access to releasing blockages and thereby can be a great start or support of your healing journey. Romiromi can be perfectly combined with Coaching.

Sharing stories – Blog:

I share stories of my life, or ideas on life that I get from observing what happens within myself and around me. If you find it inspirational, please share it generously.

Women’s Empowerment – Sister Circle:

I co-facilitate a monthly Sister Circle on the occasion of the New Moon in the context of Global If you identify as a female, you are welcome to join us.

Creating – Ceramics:

I create inspirational ceramics for possibilities, evolution, and life in the moment.

Welcome to these pages of life possibilities. Please make yourselves at home. I welcome you and your feedback.

Much love – aroha nui