The right time is now. In this very moment. What are you waiting for?

“The right time for what?”, you might ask. That is something only you can answer. We can find a great many reasons to postpone things that matter to us. When really, the right time is now.

Life is happening now. In this very moment. So what do we do with this realisation? We create. Life. Now.

There are endless possibilities out there that we might simply not be able to see for ourselves. I am here to support you in your journey to living life fully now and to access the possibilities. My ultimate goal is that you stand in your power and create the life your heart desires.

Our world needs more human beings who are connected with their inner self and who dare to show themselves fully. This will make the world a much healthier, more peaceful, and more sustainable place.

I love the diversity in this world, and in each human being. I feel the pain of suppressed diversity. I love sustainability. I love this planet and our universe. And that is why I offer my services to you. 

As a Possibility Advocate, I bring together my experience as a German lawyer with my problem identifying skills, and my experience as a Possibility Manager and Life Explorer. I bring in these qualifications and skills to offer:

Similar to life coaching. I will support you in accessing your innate wisdom by navigating into a space of possibilities and healing.

Something different than what you are currently practising in your organisation or company is possible. I consult on cultural change – away from patriarchal structures based on strict hierarchy to a collaborative approach with a focus on the strength of your greatest resource: your people.

Whether you are faced with a legal problem or you can’t see the forest for the trees, I will support you in structuring the facts of the case and identifying the key issues. This does not involve legal consulting.

As a transformation pilot, I bring together my experience from my own transformational journey – from a top lawyer with a strong rational approach to a possibility trainer, feminine healer, and artist, with an intuitive approach.

Trainings and Workshops for individuals or organisations in the context of Possibility Management.

I offer feminine healing sessions for women. This will help to reclaim the feminine power innate in women. The world needs you in this power.

Romiromi is a Maori technique for healing blockages. It can be a wonderful start into or support of your healing journey. It looks like a full body massage, when it is not. You remain fully clothed.


In my free inspirational blog I share stories of my life, or perspectives on life that I get from observing what happens within myself and around me. If you find it inspirational, please share it generously.

Welcome to these pages of life possibilities. Please make yourself at home. I welcome you and your feedback.


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