Everything begins

Possibilities for your Being.

Everything begins

I have goods news and bad news for you. The good news is: Everything begins with yourself. The bad news is: Everything begins with yourself.

I had been contemplating for weeks before actually writing about this here – simply because I realised how I struggle myself with putting this insight into practice.
Everything begins with myself. That means every change that I wish for starts with me. I can decide for that change, I can live it myself, I can show myself with it, I can initiate projects to implement it (if it is such kind of change). If I am ready for whatever I need or the world needs (be it big or small), then everything starts with myself. That is amazing, yes! It is powerful, empowering and makes me confident. I can change the world!
I can choose whether I live my life in a way that truly feels good for me, whether I open up to what creates a happy feeling deep within, or whether I choose to stay in my (presumed) comfort zone, which often times was made up of habits or paralysing fear.

Everything begins with myself. That is also a challenge, because it means that I cannot hold anyone else responsible for how I live, for how I spend my day, for what I bring into this world. It seems so tempting to search for responsibility in the outside – my partner, circumstances, etc. But no one else is responsible. I decide, and if it is only the decision on how I react to circumstances. I create my reality. Everything begins with myself.

As all so often, recognising something is one thing and putting it into practice another. Well, everything wants to be learned, and the learning starts with awareness.

With this, I wish you a wonderfully powerful year 2018, in which everything that you wish for begins, because you bring it – or let it – into the world.

(This is the translation of my German post „Alles beginnt“ of 2/01/2018)

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