Running on Empty


Running on Empty

In this experiential presentation, I will share the highlight of my professional experience. It’s a story I only recently uncovered, and which I haven’t told before.
After years of being a highly educated and successful lawyer, I was working at a German airline when fate struck. I will never forget the shocking moment, as I sat at an early lunch and received the phone call that we had a crash, meaning an aircraft crash. 150 people died that day. What followed after was an intense experience of running on empty.
I want to share this with you and how the experience and what followed after transformed my life to become a transformational coach, trainer, Possibility mediator, and even a potter.
During these 2 hours, I will also offer you an experience of doing things differently – so that you don’t have to run on empty in your lives.


May 01 2021


16:00 - 18:00




Conference Room Taupo
118 Tuwharetoa St, Taupo
Your way in:
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