Gremlin Reconstruction

Gremlin Reconstruction

Modern culture knows nothing about Gremlin.
Your Gremlin was already too big for your environment to handle when you were a child. You had to bury and try to kill parts of your Gremlin to survive. Today, as an adult Man or Woman, you need your Gremlin for your life, to bring your next project to life, as a source of non linear possibility.
During these 2h30, you will find and bring back to life the banished parts of your Gremlin and integrate them back into your fully grown Gremlin at your side.
WHEN: Saturday 2 October 2021
08.00-10.30 GMT+1
09.00-11.30 CEST
17:00-19.30 AEDT
20:00-22:30 NZDT
INVESTMENT: Sliding scale 50-110 Euros, payment is confirmation of your registration.
REQUIREMENT: You have been through the initiation of finding your Gremlin’s name.
SPACEHOLDERS: Susanne Hutzler and Julia Neumann, with apprentice Brianne Vaillancourt
REGISTRATION: Julia Neumann julianeumann@outlook.com or by Telegram: +64 27 2340054


Oct 02 2021


20:00 - 22:30




Julia Neumann
Your way in:
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Julia held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way.

I 100% recommend doing a session or course with Julia. She not only made me feel completely comfortable but held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way. Thanks, Julia for the amazing energy that you bring to every course and session I’ve had with you.

Kaz Cederwall, NZ

Kaz Cederwall

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