Get your Energy back! – For Women

Get your Energy back! – For Women

In this 4 weeks online training, learn to get your energy back by consciously tapping into your own resources.
You know what it’s like to feel energetically drained and tired.
You know what it’s like to wake up in the mornings with a sense of heaviness and hopelessness in the light of all the chores awaiting you.
You know the tension in your body from holding in all that which you cannot speak about because it might not be the “right thing” to say.
You know the headache that comes from too much thinking in circles.
You may even know the migraine that comes (at least) once a month around your menstruation time.
You also know… the heat in your belly or your heart when you get upset, when something doesn’t seem right for you. You have learned to dissipate that sensation until it goes away, or… it breaks out uncontrolled like a wild river overflowing from a heavy rain, breaking the dams. Exploding like a volcano. Or on the opposite, imploding like an air balloon popped with a sharp needle.
As women, we have learned to suppress our energy resources, our life energy. It costs a lot of energy to suppress your life force.
One of the most powerful resources we have as human beings to get things done, to have clarity of who we are and what matters to us, and to stand in that knowing, is our anger energy.
Yet anger is perceived as something negative, something destructive, something to be avoided at all cost, especially for a woman.
There is a way that you can learn to connect with your anger consciously, and to use it in a healthy way.
That is what you will be offered in this 4 weeks training.
4 Tuesdays beginning on 4th May 2021, 7-9:30pm NZ time.
Costs are $120 or EUR100, payment through bank transfer or PayPal.
Your spaceholder: Julia Neumann
Please email me through this website or to julianeumann@outlook.com to register.


May 04 2021


19:00 - 21:30






Julia Neumann
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Julia held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way.

I 100% recommend doing a session or course with Julia. She not only made me feel completely comfortable but held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way. Thanks, Julia for the amazing energy that you bring to every course and session I’ve had with you.

Kaz Cederwall, NZ

Kaz Cederwall

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