From Princess to Queen: Work-Talk

From Princess to Queen: Work-Talk

There comes a time in the life of a woman where it is no longer adequate to be a princess. A princess, by definition, is incapable of standing her ground. She’s dependant on her “Daddy”, and she’s got the license to complain and blame. Her expectations fill the room.
When a woman becomes adult, she is designed to become the Queen of her life. It means she learns to claim her birth right to sovereignty – where her No is a clear No and her Yes is a full Yes, she knows her boundaries, she can connect and face the unknown, and feel the joy of being alive.
Our culture misses guidance on how to become a Queen. In fact, large parts of our culture depends on us staying a Princess.
Well, here’s your chance to start reclaiming your birth right.
Online Work-Talk with Dr Julia Neumann SSG
6 January 2021, 7-9pm NZT / 7-9am CET
NZ$10 / EUR 10
Register by email to julia@lifeisnow.one.


Jan 06 2021


19:00 - 21:00


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