Done saying SORRY – Work-Talk


Done saying SORRY – Work-Talk

We’re conditioned to say “I’m sorry”. And what does it really mean? People can say “sorry” a thousand times and keep repeating the behaviour that they keep being sorry for.
What I mean here is not the deeply felt “I’m sorry”, which can be very appropriate and healing (such as in the Hawai’ian Ho’Oponopono practice). I mean the automatic “I’m sorry” that we shoot out, almost as if we’re apologising for being alive, or simply to stay safe around others.
What’s possible when we stop saying “Sorry” as an automatic strategy to keep us safe? What if we stepped into what is actually going on? Honouring our truth and choosing a different behaviour?
What becomes possible when you’re no longer sorry, and express your sadness, your anger, your fear or your joy? Eh, what then?
In this work-talk, we’ll explore what’s possible beyond saying “Sorry”.
Join me if you’re “done saying sorry”!
Dr Julia Neumann SSG
10th February 2021, 7-8:45pm NZT // 7-8:45am CET
NZD 10 pp (to be paid upon registration)
Register by messenger or email to julia@lifeisnow.one


Feb 10 2021


20:00 - 21:45
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Julia held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way.

I 100% recommend doing a session or course with Julia. She not only made me feel completely comfortable but held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way. Thanks, Julia for the amazing energy that you bring to every course and session I’ve had with you.

Kaz Cederwall, NZ

Kaz Cederwall

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