Possibilities for your Being.

Individual coaching sessions for your private or professional life.

I offer clarity and compassion while you explore yourself. Clarity creates possibility.

I will help you navigate to the root cause. You will gain clarity about what stands in your way, and what wants to be seen, healed, transformed.

A coaching session could be for you if you

☛ feel stuck at work or in a relationship;

☛ notice that something isn’t quite working in your life;

☛ are tired of trying to fit in;

☛ are longing to find your purpose in life;

☛ want to feel connected, and to be confident about yourself.

You will get the chance to look at and transform the many layers of your conditioned behaviour patterns. Coaching sessions may include healing past emotions and learning how to consciously use your feelings for an adult, fun and sustainable way of life. It can encompass experiments and practices, and processes to re-engineer some of your survival strategies to make space for your next steps to evolve into your full power.

I use mostly the distinctions and tools of Possibility Management. You can find more information on the type of coaching I offer here.

💰 Conscious pricing: You get to choose the price of your coaching within a sliding scale of NZD / EUR 75-150. Please take into account your financial capability and the value of the coaching for you.

“Julia held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way.”

Karen Cederwall, New Zealand

“I 100% recommend doing a session or course with Julia. She not only made me feel completely comfortable but held space for me in a beautiful calm and patient way. Thanks, Julia for the amazing energy that you bring to every course and session I’ve had with you.”

“Julia has helped me renew my trust in my whole self and my being.”

Rita Aurora Gyorffy, Australia

“Julia brought her full presence, clarity in spaceholding and deep compassion with her as she companioned me in my Emotional Healing Process. I felt completely safe and trusting in Julia’s presence as I felt her commitment to my Being.
After the process I felt so clear and peaceful inside, in a beautifully gentle way. I was able to make some clear decisions, and sent some clear messages to friends about next steps in some challenging connections we’ve had lately. I also felt that I have had more easeful and natural access to my creativity, self love and new map anger since that process.
Julia has helped renew my trust in my whole self and my being (higher self).”