Female Altar NZ

The Power of Gentle #2

Another invitation, guiding you to listen to your body with a focus on your heart space. I am honoured to be sharing this recording from a female altar in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. Will you take some time today to be, and to connect with your heart?

Victim stories

Every decent story needs a victim. The movie „Pretty Woman“ would hardly be any good without the female protagonist needing a knight in shining armour to rescue her, right? In fact, what good would any Hollywood movie be without a juicy victim role? Where there is a victim, there is Read more…

Our house is on fire

*CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* Greta Thunberg said it so appropriately: She wants us to panic and act as if our house was on fire. She refers to climate crisis.  Climate crisis is but the symptom of our societal issues. It’s a massive one, no doubt, and we desperately need to act Read more…