Being Now.

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Being Now.

My home visit in Germany had started earlier than planned because my mother got ill. With that, we all came quite close to experiencing her death. I sensed how strong love can be in such moments. 

Whenever I came close to losing myself in my “organisation mode”, I realised that the most important thing I could do was taking time: spending time with my mother, being with her in that exact moment. I.e. not really doing anything for her but actually BEING with her. Sure, I also wanted to get a few things done, still want to. Several things want to be prepared for the future. I noticed once more that the art for me is not getting caught up so much by these things that I run out of time and energy for enjoying the moment, NOW: Laughing together, crying together, being together. 

The part of my travel I had originally planned started weeks later and concerns almost the opposite: The birth of my nephew. How close life and death can be!

Two days after my arrival at my sister’s, her amnion broke and the little manikin was born a day earlier than planned. What a touching experience! Love also plays such a big role in the birth of a child. From the start, this little being was so peaceful, almost as neutral as the universe. And from the beginning, he was loved by so many people, received so lovingly. 

Magnetised, I observe how he “arrives” here more and more each day. And how essential it is to simply meet him with love. 

Again and again I find myself wanting to buy something to make life easier for him or his parents. I also want to do a lot of things. Then I reconsider that the most valuable I can “do” now is to BE with him and his parents.  These moments – now, now, now – will never come back. Little Tayo might be almost a year old when I see him next – and he will be at an entirely different stage of his development. Also his parents, which have let me participate so closely these days, will have grown even more into their role as parents. It is NOW that I can experience these first little steps with them, and I am so grateful for that. 

You could say that both these experiences were rather drastic, so that it is quite easy to be in the moment, now. I am convinced that this is true not only for such “major” events. Our life takes place NOW. We can enjoy it NOW, and we can decide to enjoy it by being with whatever is. 

Which are events that make it easy for you to be in the moment? Are you able to notice when your thoughts drift off into the future (or the past)? And how do you get back into the now?

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  1. Lucie says:

    How sweet- proud aunty! I remember when you came and met my Mathis so soon after he was home – one of the first people to see him after his hospital stay, a real pleasure it was! Nice memories.
    For me, staying in the present is easiest during the summer – when you can just lie in the garden and listen to the wonderful sounds of nature (cicadas, wind..) and even chain-saws dealing with broken trees after a tornadoes’ aftermath. Just quite grounding really. Wish it could be replicated in the winter with as much ease!

    • JuliA says:

      Thank you Lucie for your insight how you stay in the present! I can fully relate to that. I also remember seeing tiny tiny Mathis, he seemed so fragile. I also remember the walk along the river/lake in the sunshine, that was beautiful and grounding, too.
      Sorry that I only saw your comment now, it slipped me somehow. Very happy to see you here!

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