I love feeling moist clay on my hands and seeing what wants to come to life. I find it similarly attractive to work on soap stone and to feel the form emerging under my hands. I enjoy sculpting as well as drawing, painting, and throwing clay.

All those activities are a source of joy and energy for me. They nourish my being.

For several years I have been with the question of the purpose of art. Why would people start sculpting and painting in the stone age? I have the sensation that the answer is: because they could. I see art as an expression of love, and when it is, it resonates with the love in another being that looks at a piece of art. That way, art is a carrier of energy.

My creations carry love and other “bright” energies into your home. May they nourish you just as much as they nourish me.

For my wheel work see the ceramics page.