3 steps for making 2019 meaningful

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3 steps for making 2019 meaningful

The New Year is here and as usual it arrived quicker than anticipated.

I had made it my personal tradition to reflect back on my life at the end of a calendar year and to look ahead and imagine what might happen in the coming year. I kind of missed that this year, and I love the fact that it is up to me when to kick into a new year.

Any day can be a new start. So let us start the New Year together today.

Here are 3 steps to make it meaningful for your life:

1) Let go of your expectations

Expectations are a funny thing. As human beings, we constantly create expectations. It seems wired into our system.

Interestingly, I find expectations make relationships stiff. It is as if taking out the air to breathe. There’s just no flexibility left. If my expectation is met, I am happy, if it isn’t, I get pissed off. Expectations are then a means of trying to control what happens. That’s not much fun for those being controlled.

If you let go of your expectations, you create space – for others to breathe, for life to take over, for magic to happen. It’s like your fire of life finally getting some oxygen, to grow to unexpected sizes.

Letting go of your expectations requires that you identify each expectation clearly and then consciously declare that you let go of it, now and forever.

2) Make a wish

Letting go of your expectations doesn’t mean you cannot have wishes. Note the difference: wishes are much more flexible, they allow for a flow. Where expectations allow for one outcome, wishes allow for several. And wishes can be easily changed along the way, they are not rigid. Still, it might help to be quite precise on your wish. Just abstain from expecting them to come true. Rather, imagine handing over your precise wishes to the wind, just as if you were blowing them away with dandelion seeds.

3) Be clear of your intention

What really fuels any of your wishes to come true is your true intention. With that I mean the reason behind your wish. What is the ultimate goal that you are pursuing with your wish? Do you want to control? Do you want to feel superior by certain gains and successes? Or is there a voice deep down that strives for connection, love, intimacy, or greater good? Listen to the voices deep down inside yourself and dare to look at all facets. It doesn’t need to be pretty, the important thing is that you are honest to yourself. Then set a clear and conscious intention. One may be enough for the year, and dare to make it big.

Just like fire needs oxygen to breathe, our intentions need freedom to materialize. So let go of your expectations and make a wish instead. And then enjoy what you and life will make out of it in this New Year.


Photo credit: Christopher Burns on unsplash.com

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