2018 – Time for magic

Possibilities for your Being.

2018 – Time for magic

Welcome to 2018! I have decided that it is the year of magic. Why? Because it is time. It is time for magic!

What does magic mean for you?

Magic, for me, means extraordinary, great, unbelievable, beyond what I would have expected, beyond reason, enchanted, non-linear.

How do we get there? How do we create magic, how do we let magic into our lives?

1. For one, we need to be willing to step outside of our comfort zone. At the edge of that comfort zone, we will encounter fear. If you feel fear, congratulations: you’ve reached the doorstep to magic.

2. I also believe we can only create magic or let magic into our lives if we dare to be perceived as “crazy” or not normal. This is related to fear, obviously, because we tend to fear being isolated from the collective. I am quite confident that you already figured out that such thing as “normal” does not exist. After all, what is “normal”? And if there is no such thing as normal, everything is crazy. So dare to live your own crazy – and I wouldn’t be surprised to see magic unfold in your life.

3. Make a wish. Wish for your kind of magic. Your mind might tell you that this is childish. So what? Be childish. Remember how much magic there was when you were a child? (If you don’t, trust me: there was lots, at some point.) So, make a precise wish from the bottom of your heart, and then see what happens. The wish may come true. If it doesn’t, you haven’t really lost much, have you?

4. Let colour into your life. Colours are magic. There is such a vast variety, but when we grow up, we tend to choose dark or grey colours to look sinister or apart. Admittedly, that’s changing, so let’s hop on that trend and choose bright colours. Dare to be seen with your bright coloured clothes, dare to paint your room in bright colours, dare to let colour into all aspects of your life.

5. Speak your truth. Ask questions that want to be asked. Ask questions that are dangerous because they take the conversation to the edge of the comfort zone. Say what you need to say because it hurts more to hold back. Try not to let your ego speak, speak from your heart. This will most likely bring you back to fear, so congratulations: you have reached the realm of magic.

6. Love yourself, love others, love animals, love Mother Nature (I refer to unconditional love). Forgive yourself and forgive others. When you act with love instead of your usual ways of reacting, magic may happen. The next time that you want to “fight back”, try “giving a hug” instead, and see what happens.

I am telling you these magical door openers just as I am telling them myself. It is time for magic.?✨

What would you add – how do you create magic in your life?

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for those beautiful reminders sis:-)

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